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The situation in the Vatican is arousing the doubts of many Catholics with the presence of two Popes on the bench of St. Peter. After the succession of the Polish Pope (John Paul II) with Pope Ratzinger, something unthinkable happened that takes us back a few centuries to troubled times of the Church in which usurpers, antipopes and antichrists were common. Before our eyes, one of the most extraordinary events in history is taking place with the almost total indifference of the big media: no one dares to address the issue because it is really “too big.”

Of course, as happens in all religious disputes, the atmosphere is heating up, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of both teams accusing each other of heresy and being a dealer of the Antichrist. I have my opinion, supported by the authorized code (Canon), so the real pope is Benedict XVI. At the same time, I wonder if the true Pope wants to question everything, even the legitimacy of the cardinals gathered in the conclave for the next election. Papa Benedict is 95 years old, quiet these days and I don’t see him running a competition with the other two challengers, In the next few days, we will go into the deep of the question, hoping we, the Christian people, would fight for Justice and Truth, how is remembering us the Evangelist Luca.

Luke reports Jesus was near the Mount of Olives, and the crowd cheered him: “Some Pharisees in the crowd said to him: ” Teacher, rebuke your disciples. ” But he replied, “I tell you, if these keep silent, the stones will cry out.”


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