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The TerminaList

President Mc Donald Braveheart Arroyos had obtained a respite from the Judge-Sheriff of El Paso, Marvel Garlic, after explaining part of the documents in his possession had already been declassified and drafted with the help and the skill of William Barr and the Department of Justice.

Finally, he disclosed by himself, after the FBI (Federal Bocciofila of Investigation) and The General Attorney William Barr had given their official OK and that the Justice Department and the Watchdog had also got hold of the documents, with Garlic and Chris Ray Ban didn’t think it would cause a storm instead.

Many had seen those documents, even the opposition.  Anyone could have seen these documents on Scribd, which certainly did not conceal secrets of the State. But now the Wild Bunch, led by two Deputy Sheriffs, Shifty-Shiff and Jerry Lewis Nadler, pretended not to know anything, and Barr is silent, hidden somewhere, after making a petty figure at a hearing of the Special Court ‘January 5, 2021’. It could not miss even a whistleblower, kept hidden by Shifty Shiff.

Unfortunately, President Mc Donald Braveheart Arroyos could not imagine what level of corruption the Banana Republic of Washington D.C. had reached. In fact, after half an hour, the FBI had arrived, under the command of the Sheriff, Marvel Garlic, Chris Ray Ban all together, passionately. They, certainly, did not love each other and they did not even trust each other. At that point, the FBI men went into a chaotic race looking for documents that seemed impossible to them that Trump had not had, and they looked in the bathrooms, bedrooms, and basement, not only searching the documents but also the personal effects of Arroyos and First Lady Melania. At the end of the day on the gorgeous Ranch of the Three Bells, it looked like thousands of enraged bison had passed.

They found nothing of what they were looking for and Arroyos decided to draw up a list, a provisory list of the items missing after the swipe of the Wild Bunch, and to sue them. This was the President Braveheart Arroyos List.

  1.     Twelve used, assorted and stinky socks of Baron,
  2.     One Pink Jacket with written on the back “I love USA but Italy more”
  3.     One Pink pant style Palazzo completes the collection
  4.     One yellow Pigiama, used by Arroyos with diamond buttons twenty-eight carats.
  5.    Another yellow Pigiama without buttons: the buttons disappeared during the perquisition.
  6.   A dozen embroidered hankies with the family stemma.
  7.   One hundred twenty-four rolls of toilet paper, Ultra Soft brand.
  8.   Lead toy soldiers from the Arroyos collection.
  9.  The collection of guns from 1748 till 1860.
  10.  A few original documents of the Constitution are missing.
  11. A funny hat, dressed by Christopher Columbus when he discovered America and will be the official Maga Hat of the 2024 elections.
  12. Another Four hundred rolls of toilet paper, Standard


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